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Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol

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This 7-mushroom blend is meticulously crafted to optimize both mental performance and physical well-being. This powerful blend combines the finest ingredients, including Beet Root for improved blood flow and muscle function, Chaga mushroom for enhanced sports performance and stress relief, Cordycep mushrooms to support endurance, and Lion's Mane mushroom for brain and nerve support. With the added benefits of Ginkgo Biloba for cognitive function, Cacao for inflammation reduction and heart health, Coconut Oil Powder for weight management and energy, and Coconut Sugar for its cholesterol-fighting properties, Dawn Patrol is your ultimate companion for unlocking your full potential and conquering each day with boundless energy and focus.

Ingredient List:

Lion’s Mane - Chaga - Cordyceps - Reishi - Maitake - Shiitake - Turkey Tail - Beet Root - Gingko Biloba - Ashwagandha - Coconut MCT Powder - Coconut Milk powder - Coconut Sugar - Cacao - Cinnamon

*Gluten free

*Dairy free


123g / 30 servings (at 2 tsp) $30.00

820g/ 200 servings (at 2 tsp) $150.00

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